OstrichLand USA is a wonder-filled place for everyone!

Considered a Central Coast landmark, OstrichLand USA in Buellton is a popular destination and a great first stop when you’re headed to the quaint Danish themed town of Solvang, the Chumash Casino, or Santa Ynez Valley wineries.

Our 100+ amazing ostriches and emus are adored by people of all ages. Locals often bring guests to see “Buellton’s favorite pets.”

Join us! Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime Central Coast vacation stop or a return visit to see old friends, a trip to OstrichLand USA is unforgettable. You’ll always remember the time you spent watching, feeding and getting to know our amazing ostriches and emus.

We can’t wait to see you at OstrichLand USA in beautiful Buellton, California. We promise to do all we can to make your visit an experience you’ll talk about for years to come.

Come and Feed Us!

The highlight of a visit to OstrichLand is feeding the ostriches and emus. These big birds are a rare and unique sight in this part of the world and are sure to make you smile. We provide a way for you to be up close and personal with these big birds and safe at the same time. The backdrop of the landscape on which they roam is quite lovely and seeing them walking about on the plain that resembles their native desert is like being in another place and time.

OstrichLand is fun for the whole family. We welcome groups and request that you call ahead to reserve the time if your group is large. We can provide a “guided tour” or you are welcome to be on your own.


General Admission: $5

12 & Under: $2

Ostrich feed is available for $1

*On most days the birds can be fed throughout the day. On busier days we may restrict feeding to ensure the birds are not overfed.

Visit Us

610 E Highway 246
Solvang, CA 93463

Gift Shop

We have a gift shop with truly unique gifts, all ostrich and emu related. We have fresh ostrich eggs nearly year round and fresh emu eggs during the winter/spring season.

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Visiting with a Large Group?
Call Ahead to Reserve a Time.

We welcome groups and request that you call ahead to reserve the time if your group is large. We can provide a "guided tour" or you are welcome to be on your own. We are open year round and hours can vary due to time of year and the daylight available. Please check in with us first if you are planning a visit.

Come See the "original" Big Bird.

We hope you come for a visit! If you plan on bringing a large group of 15 or more, please call ahead to reserve your spot.

See You Soon!

Feathered Facts

Ostriches grow a foot per month until they reach 8 or 9 feet tall!
Ostriches are the largest and fastest birds in the world and can weigh as much as 350 pounds and live up to 75 years.
They are the only birds with two toes per foot that can propel them to sustained speeds of 35 mph with bursts to 45 mph.
Ostriches can lay eggs until 40 years of age and lay the largest of all bird eggs, weighing 3-5 pounds each — yet relative to the size of the bird, they are the smallest. Each ostrich egg is equivalent in size to 18-24 chicken eggs! The contents of each emu egg are the equivalent of 10-12 chicken eggs!
Ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand!
Ostriches Co-parent — the female will sit on the eggs during the day, and the males will at night. The female’s light coloring helps her blend into the sand better during the day, while the male’s darker coloring offers nighttime protection of the nest.
The male ostrich is responsible for choosing location and preparation of the nest. All members an Ostrich colony lay their eggs into the communal nest established by the dominant pair.
Male ostriches are quite strategic in protecting their colonies. They will feign injury to lure predators away from chicks and females. They will fight when they have to and can kill with one kick. Not even a lion will prey on a healthy mature ostrich.
Ostriches have no teeth. They swallow pebbles to help grind the food in their gizzards.




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#repost @adventureswithskyeandriver ・・・ Ostriches, emus, sea lions - oh my! 😄 Yesterday we hung out with some energetic, loud, and obnoxious animals (and I’m not just talking about our kids)! 😂🧡🌿 Headed up the California Central Coast? Make time to swing by Ostrichland in Solvang! After feeding a few of the locals 😆, we made a pitstop in the historic Danish village and enjoyed a few authentic sweets at Mortensen’s Bakery before continuing on our journey. We escaped the heat (96° F 🥵) and winded down in Morro Bay (60°F 😇) where we had dinner at Dockside overlooking the bay followed by a stroll down the Embarcadero. 🐙 . . . 👉🏼 Follow @adventureswithskyeandriver ☀️ #familytravels #travelkids #traveltribe #travelgram #travelbloggervibes #ostrichland #emu #solvang #morrobay #californiatravel #sunsetmag #centralcoastcalifornia #summervibes #curiousbynature #feedme @ostrich_land @cityofsolvang @morrobayca



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#repost @lifewithciera ・・・ Oh my gosh-trich, what an emu-sing time 🐦🥚 ❃❃❃ One of my favorite activities in Solvang was feeding the ostriches and emus at @ostrich_land (but be careful, they can bite 😬) ❃❃❃ 〰️ $5 admission + $1 feed bowls 〰️ Open 7 days a week from 9am - 6pm 〰️ Gift shop with unique gifts + fresh eggs 〰️ More deets in my Solvang blog post 📲 #LINKINBIO



#repost @cityofsolvang ・・・ Reposting @bruceporterfund:⠀ ...⠀ "Weekend destination: Ostrichland USA. Located in Solvang, this ranch is home to more than 100 ostriches and emus that you can see and FEED! They’re open everyday from 9am-6pm, admission is only $5 for adults and feed is $1. ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ #santabarbara #santaynez #solvang #ostrichland #ostrichlandusa #sbcounty #seesb #visitsb"



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#repost @lenazilla ・・・ Has anyone ever heard of or been to #ostrichland in #solvang??!! Sucha EMUsing, fun, & quirky place to be!!!! Makes a lot of sense for these fun loving birds to be here because there’s plenty of land for them to roam around. This was #activity #3 on the #bachelorette #weekend list....well actually it was a substitute activity because the mini horse ranch closed early lol seem like the bride and girls enjoyed it. We were EMUsed even though at times we were all frightened of the birds lollll with a small fee of $5 you get to visit this place and pay $1 to #feed them!!! They are aggressive eaters haha I’m sure they’re friendly but after reading all the warning signs we were very cautious to not stand too close to the fences hehehe there was also a sweet special one Beatrice that we got to meet 😍 Keep swiping for my #video #collage!! #solvangcalifornia #winecountry #bacheloretteweekend #socalwinecountry #ostrichs #emus



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#repost @digsolvang ・・・ Alright, locals... who’s been out to visit our feathery friends here at the @ostrich_land? 🤔 The weather is perfect this week and we must say, feeding them is actually quite fun. 😉 If you haven’t been, we highly recommend you check ‘em out before summer is over. 👍 Thanks for sharing these amazing photos 📸 @lenazilla! #digsolvang



#repost @brendenbock ・・・ Here’s a take back to my last high school choir tour when @operamexican made the spontaneous decision to take us to Ostrich Land. It was great! ___ #ostrich



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We love hearing about a successful family trip at O-Land!! Thank you @alvarez_adventures for this amazing video of your beautiful family 💕. #repost @alvarez_adventures ・・・ Check out our adventures at Ostrich Land USA! It was so much fun! Like I mentioned before they do like to bite which makes it extra fun because it adds some suspense! 😆 They are pretty rough when they eat so you have to make sure that you hold on to the feeding devices firmly! My youngest one kept letting go! I tried to help him hold it and that’s when I got bit!! 😨😆 luckily my hubby caught it on camera and we slowed it down and zoomed it in! Also they bit our GoPro a few times! It was so much fun and we can’t wait to go again! . . This awesome place is located in Buelleton, Ca which is right next to Solvang. The fee to enter is $5 for adults and $2 for kids 12 and under and each scoop of food is $1. It’s an affordable fun activity for the whole family! They have fun photo ops and information about these awesome ostriches for learning opportunities, which we love! They have a cool gift shop with real ostrich eggs and much more! We will definitely visit every time we go to Solvang! . . . . . #alvarezadventures #summervacation #ostrichlandusa #solvang #ostrich #ostrichland #animallover #fun #roadtrip #california #adventurefamily #familytravel #travel #tourist #travelwithkids #kidfriendly #outdoors #explore #experience #photography #bloggermom #momlife #momofboys #latinamom #vacation #familia

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